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Give Your Dog A Fabulous Makeover With Straight Shears!

Do your dull shears stop working suddenly when a puppy with thick/coarse hair needs grooming? Are you having problems with pet grooming sessions due to inefficient, outdated equipment? Bid farewell to all your previous shear-related problems as Magix Shears brings you a series of high-quality straight shears which will take your trimming and styling skills to an entirely new level.

Pups with thick coats and coarse furs can often be problematic and challenging during trimming sessions as most of the ordinary shears fail to cater to the requirement of different fur textures. You might be left contemplating what should be done next in such a situation.

However, thanks to the premium-grade Japanese stainless steel and hours of sharpening, our shears provide the exact amount of sharpness and strength you would need to cut through even the thickest furs. The perfect balance of power and agility plays a pivotal role in the impressive efficiency that this straight-shear series provides.

Choose The Best Product in The Market

An excellent piece of equipment such as the Scorpio purple straight shear can significantly upgrade your skill sets and allow you to execute a wider array of techniques and apply various styles without having to worry about your shears not complimenting your work.

Magix Shears straight shears are made precisely for meticulous grooming and enticing your customers with a fresh and neat trim that their pups can receive.

Diverse Range of Straight Dog Grooming Shears

Magix Shears offers a wide selection of straight shears that you could choose from. The variety not only comes in sizes, but you can also choose from a range of shapes, colors, types of edges, and handle shapes to get what suits your goals the best.

Serrated Edges

To give your pup a neat look and the hair a smoother and silkier texture, a serrated edge is a perfect choice and will surely yield the desired result. The tooth-like structure reduces the density of the hair, making them thinner; hence, it is more manageable and flowy so that your pet won’t be bothered by the ever-growing dense fur.

At Magix Shears, you can find a variety of serrated shears ranging from 6 inches to 10 inches in length, such as the narrow-blade 6.5” serrated blade.

Beveled Edges

Beveled edges are quite different; they do not bear a tooth-like structure but are leveled and seamless blades. However, the difference lies in height and the inclining angle of the blade. Such designs are preferred for major cuts, shortening the overall length, eliminating rough/split ends, and encouraging a fresher look for the hair.

Beveled edges are very useful when trimming hair efficiently in a restricted amount of time. Moreover, they are used as the primary step in pet grooming in almost all scenarios. Another added feature of the beveled edges is that they can be easily resharpened if needed. The angular positioning of the blade allows it to be compatible with almost all sharpening tools.

Magix Shears provides you with a range of beveled edges with varying sizes, shapes, and designs in straight shears for dogs so you can choose the perfect fit yourself and take your grooming sessions up a notch.

Variable Sizes

Whether you are new to this profession or an experienced pet groomer, you would understand that a one-size-fits-all policy doesn’t work in the grooming profession. It would be best if you had a variety of blade lengths in the straight dog grooming scissors to access different parts of the pet’s body.

A size too small will not promote even cuts and take up a lot more time. It happens mainly because the small length allows you to cut only so much hair at once. However, a size too big will only be useful in general trimming, and it would be very hard to blend the lengths and make the entire trim look even and seamless.

Besides, a larger blade length would also mean that it is hard to access many areas on the pet’s body, and it also might be dangerous as handling a lengthier blade is much more complex than a smaller one.

To solve this issue, you must have at least two blade lengths in your toolkit. Magix Shears provides you with various straight shears ranging from 6 inches to 10 inches in length. In addition, you can also choose types of blades and much more according to your preferences. Regardless of what type of straight shears you want to order, we surely have it!

Extensive Variety of Handle Shapes

Handle shapes play a major role in the handling of straight shears. It is very important to find the perfect size and shape of a handle that compliments the structure of your hand so you can work in sync with your tools.

At Magix Shears, we make it our No.1 priority to provide you with everything you might need for a successful and satisfactory grooming session. Hence, you can find various handle shapes within blade lengths and types, such as the Swivel 8” shear and the Straight Shear 8”. So make sure you don’t miss out!

Aura of Colors & Designs

Choosing your straight dog grooming shears according to professional requirements is a great way to find the best tool. But you should also listen to your heart and allow yourself some room for personal inclinations.

We at Magix Shears understand that you might want a color-themed toolkit. Who doesn’t like an attractive, eye-catching equipment set? Hence, you can select from a wide range of colors and designs and build your dream shear set!

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