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Dog Grooming Blending Shears

Transform Your Dog’s Style and Grooming with Our Blending Shears

Stop the shedding, reduce the matting, and spruce up your dog’s look with our professional quality Blending Shears.

With just a few easy strokes, you can transform your pup’s coat from flat to fabulous in minutes. Our shears are designed to provide a smooth, even cut that leaves your pup looking and feeling great.

They are designed with sharp blades that will help you trim even the thickest and coarsest fur with ease. From shortening and thinning to blending and texturizing, these shears can handle it all.

Plus, thanks to their ergonomic design, they’re easy to use and require minimal effort. And to give it an even more professional finish, this selection of dog blenders can take your pup’s style to the next level.

Since they are made of high-grade stainless steel, they will provide years of reliable use. So give your pup an amazing new look with our Blending Shears. We know you and your pup will love the results! Shop now and give your pup a brand-new style!

Magix Shears Brings in Professional Blending Shears

We offer a variety of blending and thinning shears for dogs, all designed to take the worry out of your pup’s grooming. You can easily remove weight, bulk, and tangles from your pup’s coat while producing a smoother look.

They are also made to blend two different lengths of the coat together for a smoother look.

At Magix shears, you’ll find a variety of dog grooming blending scissors to choose from, some of which feature one toothed or notched blade and one straight blade whereas other models, often called double thinners, come with teeth on both blades.

No matter what style you’re looking for, you’ll find the ideal dog blending shears for your pet on magixshears!

Things To Consider Before Buying Blending Shears

Feeling overwhelmed by all the options? Here are some of the key factors to consider when shopping for blending shears for dogs.

Sharp Blades Are Essential For Precision

Feeling overwhelmed by all the options? Here are some of the key factors to consider when shopping for blending shears for dogs.

Sharp Blades Are Essential for Precision

When it comes to cutting and styling your pup’s fur, sharp blades are essential. Dull blades can pull at the fur, causing discomfort for your pup and leaving behind an uneven cut.

Make sure the blades of your blending scissors are sharp and precise to guarantee a smooth, even cut.

Finger Rests Make the Job Easier

With the right finger rests, you can easily create a professional look without putting too much strain on your hands. Look for the dog grooming blending scissor that has finger rests built-in so you can work comfortably and achieve the perfect cut.

Ergonomic Grip for Extra Comfort

An ergonomic grip ensures maximum comfort while you’re styling your pup. Some shears come with a curved handle to help reduce strain on the wrists, while others feature an adjustable thumb rest so you can customise the grip for your comfort.

Choose The Right Length for Your Needs

The length of the blades will determine how much fur you can trim off in one stroke. For a quick and easy trim, look for the dog grooming blending shears with shorter blades that are perfect for trimming small areas. If you want to do a more detailed cut, then opt for shears with longer blades.

Teeth Design Helps with Blending

The teeth design on the blades can make a big difference when it comes to blending. Look for shears that have jagged or serrated edges to help create a smooth, blended finish. It will also make it easier to control and maneuver the blades while you’re styling your pup.

Number Of Teeth

The number of teeth on the shears will determine how much control you have when cutting. Shears with fewer teeth will allow for quicker, more aggressive cuts while those with more teeth will provide a finer, smoother finish.

Choose the right number of teeth for your needs and you’ll get the perfect cut.

Easily Trim Even Coarse Fur with Our Professional Blending Shears for Dogs!

Selecting the Right Blending Shears for You

Like all other dog accessories purchases, choosing the blending shears is also a personal choice. However, always invest in ergonomics and the highest-quality shears.

Pick the blending scissors for dogs with a shape that fits comfortably in your hand, and be sure to select the right size. This will give you the best control when using them.

At Magix Shears, you’ll find a wide selection of blending shears that are perfect for all breeds and styles.

The right type of dog grooming blending shears depends on the density and length of the fur. To elevate the look of your pup’s thick coat, check out the Japanese Stainless Steel 440C Blender, featuring 32 teeth with wider gaps for a precision trim.

For thin and fine coats, go for Blending / Thinning Shear (7 inches long), having 50 fine teeth with narrower gaps for a seamless blend. For best results, use them in combination with our other grooming tools and products.

Another favorite one of professional stylists is the Thinning Shear (30 Teeth) with removable double finger rests and ball bearing in flat screw assembly that allows smooth, effortless cutting.

Whatever design you choose, know that the quality of our shears is unmatched.

Shop now and give your pup a look they will love!

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