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Dog grooming Chunker Shears

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Dog grooming Chunker Shears

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Dog grooming Shears

Are you looking for professional dog grooming shears for your pet salon? You’ve come to the right place. Magix Professional Shears have the smartest and most affordable dog grooming shears. Our Professional dog grooming shears will help you shape or trim your dog’s hair in no time.

At, we have versatile Pet grooming Shears for dogs that will make your grooming experience the easiest and hassle-free. We have a wide range of affordable grooming shears.

Our dog haircut scissors deliver a confident haircut every time. 

Magix Professional Shears for Dog Grooming

At Magixshears, you will get the top quality and affordable grooming shears. Our dog grooming shears are specifically created with the capability to cut through even the densest and thickest dog fur effectively. It ensures that grooming your pet will be a smooth and easy process.

 It’s crucial to understand that your grooming shears are specifically made to be sharpened and restored to a mint condition numerous times throughout the scissors or shears’ lifetime.

Why Magix Professional dog scissors for grooming?

Our pet grooming shears have a distinctive design. Our easy-grip handle design is precisely engineered to provide maximum comfort and control for the user. The unique design of the handle cradles the fingers, allowing for a secure and steady grip while cutting. This ergonomic design helps to reduce hand fatigue, making it easier to use the scissors for extended periods.

What makes our Blades Unique? 

Our high-quality Japanese 440C Stainless Convex blade shears are famous for their durability and versatility. They are designed to perform well over a long period. In contrast to other hair-cutting scissors on the market, our scissor reduces messy hair clutters because no hair gets caught between its blades.

Our User-Friendly Shears

Magix shears have been enhanced to provide ultimate sharpness, comfort, and longevity. One of the prominent features of our shears is the easy grip handle that makes it easier for people with limited hand strength or skill to use the scissors easily. The handle features an ergonomically bent thumb for added ease of use. 

Overall, the easy grip handle design is a key feature that sets our scissors apart and makes them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and reliable cutting tool. Achieve clean, even haircuts with minimal effort and without causing damage or split ends to your dog’s hair.

Grooming Experience for Professional Dog Groomers

Dog Grooming is a huge business these days. To solve the problem, Magix Shears have come up with the perfect solutions. Dog Grooming Salons take care of all the problems of dog owners. Different breeds need different kinds of Dog Grooming Shears. We offer all sorts of grooming shears for dogs. 

Being a Professional Dog Groomer, you know the significance of your pet grooming shears to your business’ success. The only item that can transform a worn-out coat into a stylish one is a pair of premium quality affordable grooming shears! They are crucial to the business as your employees or other business resources. Understanding how to pick and take care of dog grooming shears is just as important.

Inefficient dog-cutting shears will result in poor cutting, appointment times will increase, and eventually, the loss of valuable customers.

At this point, we will discuss the selection process of acquiring shears for dog grooming. What things need to be considered while selecting a particular kind of shear? To assist you in choosing the best shear for your dog’s grooming, we have made a short guide that answers all your queries regarding your dog’s grooming.

The Must-Know Factors before Investing in Professional Dog Grooming Shears

As a professional dog groomer, you will deal with thousands of clients throughout your career, each with unique requirements. While some of the pets you work with may have short, thin coats, others may have thick, coarse fur. In either case, you must be prepared with the necessary tools to handle any project across your desk. To make sure you get the most out of your investment, follow these guidelines when selecting pet grooming shears.

Think About the Various Styles of Grooming Shears

There are various dog breeds with different coat lengths and body types. To meet their grooming requirements, It is a must to keep a few different kinds of shears with you. As a Professional, it is important to have the most common dog shears with you to fulfill your client’s grooming requirements. 

You will find almost all kinds of shears at Magix Shears that will fulfill your professional needs. We have come up with the right type of shears for the right kind of breed. Now you don’t need to look elsewhere to satisfy your clients in their dog grooming sessions. 

Straight Magix Shears for precise and accurate lines

Poodles got set coat patterns. Here our straight shears come in handy. You can cut Curly coats with regular lines by using straight shears. Only straight shears can deliver the exact cut needed for delicate areas like paws, face, ears, and tail.

Magix Straight Shears are ideal for routine dog grooming and are part of our newest grooming collection. They are versatile tools good for daily and finishing work. There are various sizes available in the range of 5-10 inches. 

You can use them according to your dog’s hair size, weight, and thickness. They are Japanese dog grooming shears made from high-quality stainless steel, making them highly durable and effective.

At Magix Shears, There are the smartest and most sharp edge shears that will make your life easy. Grooming your dog was never an easy and fun activity in the past.

Thinning and Blending Magix Shears for extra smoothness

 Thinning shears are different from the other kind of shears. Usually, thinning shears are used at the end of the haircut. It removes the extra and bulk of unnecessary hairs since they have assorted teeth count. They lighten the coat and give the feeling of coziness to your dog. Magix Shears offers a huge assortment of thinning and blending shears having teeth ranging from 28 to 64.

Magix Shears provides you with the luxury and comfort of choosing from amazing thinning shears, including different Curved thinners and Curved blenders. High-quality shears with different sizes and handle styles are in our exclusive thinning shears category. 

Our collection includes double thinners with teeth on both blades. Double thinners provide you with seamless thinning leaving no lines or marks behind. Magix Curved Shears to add extra zip and style.

Curved shears come in different sizes. You can get the best fit for your needs. These Curved blade shears perform well on coats with curly textures and are used to add angles and layers in grooming. Super Curved Shears are available to add extreme angles for cutting, having an aggressive curve on the blade.

If you are looking for curved shears, nothing beats the Magix Shears Curved Shears class. We have more than 40 high-quality curved shears that come under this category. All are of excellent quality and durable, making your dog stand out. 

There are some smart shears in this vast collection. Size ranges from 6-10 inches, with some exclusive features like wider rings or slim blades, double finger rests, opposing handles, offset handles, and Bent Shank Handles. Magix Shears also offers assorted types of edges like Semi Convex and Serrated. 

Top Class Chunkers from Magix Shears

Chunkers, which are easily recognized by their huge “T”-shaped teeth and fishtail style, aid in texturizing or finishing a coat and removing sharp scissor marks for a smooth and classic look. They aid in styling or completing a coat and erasing sharp scissor marks to create a delicate, natural appearance.

Like other dog haircut scissors, Magix Shears has a tremendous Chunkers collection for perfect dog grooming. They are all made from highly durable Japanese Stainless Steel. Chunkers are available in different sizes and features. They have 18-38 teeth for a carefree and stylish cutting.


In conclusion, purchasing a set of high-quality grooming shears is crucial to the success of your dog grooming business if you work as a professional. The right shears may make all the difference in accuracy, efficiency, and comfort, whether working with thick, dense fur or more thin coats. 

Magix Shears have considered the different aspects of designing our smart shears. We have taken care of the effectiveness of professional dog grooming shears, such as the blade type, handle design, and overall durability.

It will be easier, more pleasant, and more productive for you and your furry clients if you select Magix Shears best professional dog grooming shears for your requirements. 

Additionally, our shears can ensure the tool’s durability and help you save money. The ideal Magix Shears pair of grooming shears will improve not only the efficiency and precision of your job but also the grooming experience for your clients.

Have a great grooming experience for your dogs with Magix shears!

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